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Making Cataract Surgery Affordable

The average cost of cataract surgery will vary. The majority of patients who require cataract surgery will be covered by either private insurance or Medicare coverage. Of course, in both cases, you’ll need to have met both your deductible and copay for the insurance to kick in so there may be an out of pocket cost. There are three main factors to consider when planning for cataract surgery:

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    Symptom Severity

    When considering cataract surgery, your insurer evaluates the status, or maturity, of your cataracts. It’s important to know if your insurance policy covers costs any time or just when cataracts interfere with your ability to work or perform daily tasks.

    Cataract Symptoms
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    Lens Choice

    Insurance coverage and the cataract surgery cost depends on the type of intraocular lens (IOL) you choose. There are numerous options of IOL and your choice can depend on your vision goals following surgery.

    Vision Goals
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    Surgical Technique

    Advanced techniques like laser cataract surgery (also called laser-assisted cataract surgery) can offer more customized treatment and improve visual outcomes, though they may not be covered by insurance.

    What Is Cataract Surgery?

The Vision You Deserve

Because the cost of cataract surgery depends on your insurance plan, copays, and deductibles, it’s difficult to provide precise range. ICON’s team of highly-skilled surgeons uses the latest technology to ensure your safety, comfort, and results and we committed to helping everyone achieve the vision they deserve.

We financing through CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit (subject to credit approval) and accept HSAs and FSAs. You can learn more about our payment plans and options here. During your consultation, our team will help you determine what your insurance policy covers, what payment options are available, and how to make cataract surgery as affordable as possible.

The ICON Eyecare Difference

Advanced Technology to Ensure Quality Outcomes

ICON Eyecare’s team of ophthalmologists and optometrists are highly trained to use the latest vision correction technology, including advanced cataract lens implants and ORA system testing to ensure patient safety, comfort, and high-quality results.

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