You might be surprised at how affordable LASIK eye surgery is once you consider the cost of bad eyesight. Calculate what you currently spend on vision care and accessories to get a figure on what LASIK will save you in the long run.

Will LASIK save money?

The cost of appointments for prescriptions, frames, lenses and contacts can add up quickly. You are probably already spending a lot on your eyecare, so what LASIK eye surgery costs may not be as much as you think in comparison. If you are the kind that purchases quality frames and contacts, you will find those costs can be higher than LASIK within just a few years. Even if you are a bargain hunter for the cheapest frames, LASIK will still likely end up being cheaper over the course of time.

If you consider what you spend every few months and break that down into payments, they could be very similar to LASIK. Over the course of time, those costs may end up more expensive than LASIK! And, while it doesn’t just come down to money, we find patients feel better when they realize the initial cost of LASIK eye surgery isn’t as high as they might think.

We want you to have all the information and feel good about whatever decision you choose. That is why we have created a LASIK calculator. Just fill it in and find out how much you could save with LASIK.

LASIK Savings Calculator

Calculate savings you can experience with LASIK eye correction.

How old are you?

How much do you pay for your regular prescription glasses and sun glasses? Enter $0 if contacts only.


How many years between new glasses?

What is your doctor visit co pay?


How often do you visit the eye doctor?

How many boxes of contact lenses do you use per year?

How much do you pay for a box of lenses?


How many bottles of contact lense solution do you use per year?

How much do you pay for a bottle of contact lens solution?


Your Results:

Total Lifetime Cost of Glasses and Contacts


Savings Per Year by Having LASIK


Lifetime Savings by Having LASIK


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