Our Eye Care Services

At ICON Eyecare, we take pride in offering our patients a comprehensive menu of eye health and vision services. We rely on the best research-backed optometry practices in the field, local ophthalmologists with extensive portfolios of experience, as well as advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment.


Corneal Conditions

The cornea is the transparent layer of tissue found at the front of the eye. When this tissue is damaged, treatment is often necessary. Depending on the exact condition of your cornea, our team may recommend surgery to correct the damage. Although treatment depends on many factors, some corneal conditions will need to be surgically corrected. Learn more about some of our advanced corneal surgery options below.

Retina Conditions

The retina is a structure found at the back of the eye. Any condition impacting this part of the eye could lead to vision problems, pain and other issues. The treatment we recommend for retina conditions will be based on a thorough assessment and eye exam.


Uveitis is a very serious condition, but we are trained and well-equipped to diagnose, treat, and help you understand the implications of uveitis. You deserve to see the world through better eyes, and an eye care professional can help you do just that.

Vision Deficits (CLE)

In addition to LASIK, ICON Eyecare is proud to offer Clear Lens Exchange (CLE) procedures to qualifying patients. This procedure may be used to correct your vision in some cases where LASIK is not a possibility.


Dr. Fox and the team at ICON are amazing. Highly recommend Dr. Fox if you are in need of eye surgery. I can’t believe how well my recovery has gone! Dr. Fox and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and explained everything in detail to me. I felt very prepared for the surgery even with my nerves. The clinic itself is very clean and runs efficiently. Staff are friendly and responsive. Thank you to Dr. Fox and his team at ICON Eyecare!

- Kim

ICON Review

Great facility, the staff are wonderful and Dr. Fox is very personable and has only your interests at heart. He wants you to make the best decision for your style of lifestyle. Definitely a place to recommend.

- Lee R.

If you are looking for a great eye surgeon, I highly recommend Dr. James Fox. He is very professional. In addition, and most important to me, he is compassionate, listened to, and answered all of my questions.

- Healthgrades Verified Patient


The Doctors and their support staff at ICON were courteous, professional, and extremely competent. The results are spectacular: I can see better than I have at any time in my life; colors are more vivid and best of all I no longer need any correction for working on my computer. It is like a miracle.

- John L.

Vitals Review

Highly recommend. The doctors and staff were very transparent about the risks and outcomes of my procedure. They’ve been upfront and helpful through everything.

- Ryan M.

I was very impressed with their cutting-edge facility and staff. They made me feel comfortable and at home. Thank you ICON Eyecare!

- Cody Donovan – UFC Fighter, High Altitude Martial Arts, Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The staff from top to bottom provided me with care and knowledge every step of the way. A big decision? You bet! A great decision, you bet! I look forward to jumping in a pool, skiing down the slopes at Breck and never worrying if my contacts will slip or come out!

- Creigh Kelley – Emcee

I highly recommend it!! Thank you ICON Eyecare for making this year my very best one, so far!! Now, I can truly see a clear picture of where I want to go as a professional athlete.

- Flavia Oliveira – World-Class Cyclist


“As soon as I began considering laser correction, I knew ICON Eyecare was the right choice for me. I’m as busy now as I was when I was a pro athlete. So I can’t imagine my active lifestyle without the convenience of clear vision and I’m amazed with the results.

- John Elway

Google Review

Quick, informative, great value. I’m thrilled with the results.

- Emily L.

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ICON’s fellowship-trained ophthalmologists provide industry-leading care using the latest, advanced technology and techniques.

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