6 Myths About LASIK, Busted.

July 16th, 2018
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You may have read some myths about #LASIK online. Here’s how you can separate truth from fiction.

LASIK is one of the safest treatments available today, but like many medical procedures, there are some popular misconceptions about how it actually works. If you’ve heard rumors about LASIK that have been giving you doubts, read on to learn how you can sift out truth from fiction regarding laser eye surgery.

LASIK is painful.

As daunting as laser eye surgery might sound, LASIK is a quick and nearly painless procedure. Since your surgeon will administer numbing drops to prevent any discomfort, the only sensation you might feel is some slight pressure during the formation of the corneal flap at the start of the procedure.

LASIK’s long-term complications and side effects are still largely unknown.

Since doctors have been performing LASIK for over thirty years, there’s extensive research regarding its immediate and long-term effects. Many patients experience some glare and/or dry eye after the procedure, but in most cases, these symptoms last no longer than several months.

LASIK is dangerous.

As noted earlier, LASIK is a safe, quick, and virtually painless procedure. It enjoys a 95% patient satisfaction rate, and 98.4% of LASIK patients would undergo it again if needed. There is no evidence to show that LASIK causes blindness, and serious or long-term complications are extremely rare.

LASIK always results in 20/20 vision.

LASIK will result in significant improvement in your vision, but if you have moderate to severe nearsightedness or farsightedness, you may not achieve complete correction. Nevertheless, almost all LASIK candidates end up with at least 20/40 vision, and most at least approach 20/20 vision.

LASIK only works on nearsighted people.

LASIK is so popular in part because it’s an effective treatment for most common refractive errors. Though mostly performed to correct nearsightedness people, it’s an equally effective solution to farsightedness and astigmatism, as well.

You can get the same LASIK treatment from any surgeon.

Like any medical procedure, LASIK is as only as good as the doctors providing it. When researching eye care providers, be sure to work with a qualified specialist with years of experience in laser eye surgery and a thorough knowledge of available techniques. A lifetime of clear vision and peace of mind are more than worth the investment.

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