Achieving Vision Goals for Cataract Patients

February 26th, 2021

At ICON Eyecare in Grand Junction, we specialize in advanced solutions for your vision needs. Our team offers leading treatment for eye conditions, correction for challenging refractive problems, and even advanced options for more routine concerns like cataracts. If you need cataract surgery in Grand Junction because of increasingly cloudy vision, you may know that the surgery includes removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a new IOL implant. It’s a safe and simple procedure and our highly skilled surgeons can help you achieve your vision goals, whether that’s improved overall vision or dramatically reduced dependency on glasses.

Based on the testing our highly skilled experts obtain, along with the general health of your eye, we can help you determine where to reset your focus to improve your vision. Your surgeon will take all of these factors into consideration, along with your desired vision outcome, to help you find the best vision option for your needs. Learn more about our vision options and ask your doctor for more information about each option during your consultation.

Standard Vision

If you are looking to see clearly in your day-to-day life, the standard vision option will address the cataract and eliminate cataract symptoms. This option is typically covered by medical insurance but does not eliminate your need for glasses. Though some patients will not need glasses for distance vision, many patients will likely need bifocal or trifocal glasses following cataract surgery.

Precision Vision

To eliminate the need for glasses at a single distance, the Precision Vision option can allow you to see clearly for activities such as driving, golfing, watching television, and skiing without the need for glasses. Patients choosing this option will likely still need to rely on over-the-counter reading glasses for activities closer than arms reach. Alternatively, this option can be used to reset a patient’s focus to target near vision or monovision, allowing patients to see details and use glasses for distance vision activities.

Lifestyle Vision

If you are looking to achieve maximal independence from glasses, the Lifestyle option may be the best fit for you. This option utilizes multifocal lenses to allow you to see both distance and near vision, dramatically reducing the need for glasses. While occasional use of reading glasses may be required, this option gives you the most freedom from glasses.

The Benefit of Top Doctors for Your Cataract Surgery in Grand Junction

No matter what vision option will help you reach your vision goals, our team is here to help and guide you as you explore your cataract surgery options. It takes a great ophthalmologist to help you balance your options and make the right choice for your lifestyle. ICON Eyecare in Grand Junction offers extensive information about your vision options and how they can benefit your lifestyle.

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