How LASIK Surgery Can Correct Farsightedness

June 7th, 2021

Improve Your Near Vision

How can LASIK eye surgery improve your vision for reading and computer work? If you have a condition called hyperopia or farsightedness, it means that you may or may not see okay at medium to far distances, but closer in, it’s hard to focus. Your eyes may hurt from trying and you may get headaches. Our eye care specialists in Grand Junction can help you find a solution to achieve better vision and see everything more clearly.

LASIK Surgery Corrects Farsightedness

If you can find glasses or contact lenses that help you read, do hobbies, or work at your desk without headaches and eyestrain, that’s fantastic. Many people, however, decide to move on from corrective lenses and get quick, simple LASIK eye surgery in Grand Junction. LASIK surgery can help you stop worrying about having reading glasses nearby. After all, these days there’s so much that we need to do up close, like checking our smartphones and reading directions. How many times have you squinted at a frozen food package trying to find out how long to microwave it?

Near Vision is Essential These Days

Even the cockpit electronics in modern cars can be too close for comfort for people with hyperopia. Driving with bifocals is one solution, but a LASIK procedure called monovision adjusts one eye for better near vision and leaves the other as is or adjusts it as needed for seeing well far away. It’s something you can try with contact lenses before you get the LASIK surgery, and it’s a great solution for many patients. You trade off just a bit of depth perception for a wider range of focus. If monovision doesn’t work for you, another procedure called clear lens extraction could be beneficial. In this procedure, your natural lens is replaced with a lens implant that allows you to see at distance and near.

Visit ICON Eyecare for the Best LASIK Results

LASIK surgery for hyperopia is performed by one of our top eye care specialists in Grand Junction because it requires careful evaluation of your eye’s focusing and your cornea’s shape. Our eye surgeons will carefully explain the procedure and recovery and answer all your questions. It’s a short, painless procedure with a quick recovery period. Contact us for an appointment so we can improve your vision today.

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