Topography Assisted LASIK – The Only Topo Laser in Colorado

April 1st, 2014
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ICON LASIK offers the only newly approved topography assisted LASIK laser in Colorado – The NIDEK CATZ.
ICON LASIK the leader in LASIK innovation in Colorado is pleased to be the first LASIK center in Colorado to offer the NIDEK CATZ topography Assisted LASIK. The new laser tracks offers two benefits. First, and for the= first time in the US, the independent doctors at ICON can treat corneal irregularities. Second, the customized treatment zones produce better results through tracking of the movement of the eye during the actual LASIK procedure. This can produce improved pre-operative analysis of each eye. An improved pre-operative treatment plan can lead to better post-surgical vision. Only ICON has this technology in Colorado.

With the addition of the Nidek Quest EC-5000 Excimer Laser System, and the CATZ topography, ICON is adding to its already impressive and market leading number of lasers and pre-operative testing equipment. This includes the VICTUS all laser assisted cataract laser, the VISX Wavefront, and the NIDEK. ICON LASIK’s focus is on providing the best technology to allow its independent surgeons and optometrists to perform the correct surgical procedures, using the best laser, for every patient’s eyes. Every eye is unique and understanding the uniqueness, or irregularities of an eye, provides for the best possible surgical outcomes.

Pre-Operative Testing

This new technology allows ICON LASIK’s independent surgeons to find irregularities and to determine the best strategy for vision correction. This new software creates a simulated objective assessment of post-surgical outcome. It is also helps with simplifying the identification of Keratoconus which is a risk for some patients that undergo LASIK surgery. This software not only helps for LASIK it also assists the surgeon in IOL surgery. IOLs are an alternative to LASIK for many patients and can produce improved vision for many patients that are not candidates for LASIK. Professional cyclist Tom Danielson used ICON LASIK’s independent surgeons for his IOL surgery and has since excelled including winning the Tour of Utah.

About Icon LASIK

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Icon LASIK has four locations in Colorado:

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  • ICON LASIK, Lone Tree. In the Meridian business park near Cabelas in south Denver opening in fall 2014.

Icon LASIK is a registered servicemark. ‘Better Vision, Stronger Performance’ is a trademark of ICON LASIK. VISX and Star4 are trademarks of
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Research on the Topography Guided LASIK System

IOL Station Software for the OPD-Scan, By Paolo Vinciguerra, MD; and Elena Albe, MD.
By George Waring, MD,* Paul J. Dougherty, MD, Arturo Chayet, MD, Jeffery Fischer, MD, Barbara Fant, PharmD, Gary Stevens, PhD, and Harkaran S. Bains

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