What is Causing My Eye Pain?

August 17th, 2021

Perhaps you’ve experienced dry, itchy eyes that became painful in Colorado’s dry climate. Eye injury and other causes may also result in painful eyes. Or a migraine can cause peripheral vision loss and shut down your day.

At Grand Junction ICON Eyecare, we can examine your eyes to determine the cause of the pain. Then, our board-certified eye doctors in Grand Junction will devise a treatment plan designed to address the underlying cause of your distress.

Here are some common causes of eye pain, along with tips on how to seek treatment.

Eye Pain Accompanied by Peripheral Vision Loss (PVL)

Peripheral vision loss or tunnel vision can come from several eye conditions including the following:

  • Ocular migraine
  • Glaucoma
  • Inflammation
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Retinal detachment

Migraines and other conditions may cause temporary tunnel vision, whereas conditions such as glaucoma put you at risk for permanent vision loss. Not all conditions mentioned above will cause eye pain. However, it’s important to consult with one of our eye doctors in Grand Junction to diagnose and treat the underlying cause.

Detached Retina

Many times, there is no pain associated with this condition, which involves a tear in the tissues at the back of your eye. However, if trauma caused the tear, it can cause a sharp pain that doesn’t dissipate.

Most cases of sudden retinal tears or detachments require specific types of eye surgery.

Other Causes of Eye Pain

If you have dry eye syndrome, you may have a constant dry, gritty feeling and eye pain when your eyes become fatigued. Come to our office for an exam and treatment recommendations. Typically, artificial tears alleviate these conditions, and your eye doctor may recommend that you rest your eyes regularly by looking away from the computer screen. However, many other treatments are available at our office if your symptoms persist.

Allergies and seasonal irritants can cause itchy, sore eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes, which can scratch the delicate ocular tissues. Instead, ask your eye doctor to determine the source of your symptoms. For example, contact lenses can abrade the surface of the eye, causing temporary pain.

A sharp, stabbing pain caused by eye trauma requires immediate medical attention. Go to the nearest emergency room or visit our eye doctors in Grand Junction for immediate care. Headaches can also cause sharp eye pain. However, in rare cases, constant pain may require an MRI scan of the brain.

Treatment of Eye Pain

It’s critical to make an appointment with an eye specialist who can assist with your symptoms and underlying problems. Eye pain from a sports injury or migraine can cause a temporary disruption to your life. However, there are many conditions that worsen with time, requiring regular treatment to reduce the impact on your vision and alleviate discomfort and pain.

From prism lenses that compensate for peripheral vision loss to eye drops that alleviate dry, irritated eyes, we can help you understand what’s causing your eye pain and create a unique treatment plan for you.

Whenever possible, we will suggest the least invasive way to help get your eyes back on the mend. Unfortunately, some conditions require a surgical solution to help your eyes recover fully.

Contact Grand Junction ICON Eyecare to schedule an exam and receive treatment to alleviate your eye pain. While we specialize in cataract and LASIK surgery in Grand Junction, you’ll find that our eye doctors can treat a wide spectrum of eye health issues, including peripheral vision loss.

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