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Our ICON(ic) Story

Founded in 1999, just on the cusp of the new millennium, ICON Eyecare stepped out with the bold plan to become a regional center of ophthalmological excellence, providing a full range of specialized medical and surgical eye care options.

ICON Eyecare’s dedication to patient-focused eye care is achieved in three ways:

Highly experienced and specialized eye surgeons

Our doctors have completed residencies and fellowships within the most prestigious medical training programs in the world to refine their individual eye care specialties, including LASIK, glaucoma and laser cataract surgery, among others.

Treating patients with the highest standard of care, techniques and technology available

By continually investing in the most advanced technology, our doctors and patients always have access to the best laser eye treatment or other procedures for the patient’s individual eye health needs. We measure our success based upon treatment outcomes.

An extraordinary patient experience one patient at a time

ICON Eyecare’s entire Care Team – from our office staff to our surgeons – will take the time to fully explain all procedures, recommendations and care needs to ensure you’re comfortable with your options and eye health care approach. Our world-class team, culture and modern facilities provide a welcoming, soothing and compassionate experience for patients and their loved ones.

ICON Eyecare and its trailblazing surgeons have performed more than 200,000 vision correction surgeries, including refractive LASIK treatments, cataracts, glaucoma and retinal conditions.

As a technology leader in surgical eye care, ICON Eyecare is proud to offer Blade-Free LASIK, laser assisted cataract surgery and many other advanced laser platforms that provide the best possible treatment outcome and maximum comfort to the patient.

Beginning with our centralized patient care center, patients enjoy ‘concierge’ type service and informed patient education that is thorough and efficient – always helping patients better understand their condition and available options for treatment.

ICON Eyecare Grand Junction proudly provides the residents of western Colorado, the Rockies and eastern Utah convenient access to our Center of Ophthalmology Excellence for state-of-the-art eye care and surgical services close to home.

We proudly partner with area optometrists to deliver personalized, convenient and coordinated care for our patients.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Staying Healthy

At ICON Eyecare, the safety of our patients and staff is our top priority. For precautionary information on COVID-19 and to learn more about what can you do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site.