Cataract Patient Testimonials

MaryLou P.

I recently had cataract surgery with Dr. Litoff and ICON Eyecare. They were amazing! I was nervous to have the surgery, but the entire staff made me feel at ease and Dr. Litoff talked me through the entire surgery, explaining each step of the process and keeping me calm with his explanations. When I woke up the morning after surgery, I was over the moon happy. I didn’t realize all the things I was missing before the surgery. I could see a squirrel in a tree out of my bedroom window – I couldn’t even see the tree clearly before the surgery. I actually cried I was so ecstatic! Thank you so much Dr. Litoff and ICON Eyecare for giving me back my vision.

Kathy S.

Kathy S.

I had LASIK with ICON in 2000, so when I was diagnosed with a cataract it was the first place I thought of. I am so happy with my choice. Everyone is so nice; the front desk staff smiles and greets me warmly every time I arrive, and the technicians explain the entire process from beginning to end. Dr. Litoff performed the cataract surgery and I could not be happier with results! I was already seeing clearly the day after my cataract was removed. My only regret is that I didn’t have the surgery done sooner, it has made a world of difference in my life.

Taylor W.


I have been wearing glasses and contacts since I was 10. I thought something was wrong when my vision got worse at night. I was seeing scattered lights and it gradually got so bad, I was uncomfortable driving in unfamiliar places. I had cataract surgery with Dr. Litoff in November 2017. The morning after my first eye was done, I removed the patch and noticed how white my kitchen was, rather than the beige I had been seeing for so long. I kept doing side by side comparisons with the other eye that still had a cataract and would get emotional each time. It was like getting new eyes after 66 years! Everyone at ICON has been totally fabulous! The staff at the surgery center was attentive and caring. Dr. Litoff talked me through both surgeries step by step and greatly reduced my anxiety level. The Denver staff was wonderful in caring for my pre- and post-surgery visits. This was by far the best Christmas present I’ve ever received!

Kyle D.

I am truly living a dream of such improved eyesight, since my cataract surgery with Dr. Litoff. I can hardly believe each morning when I wake up – or driving at night. Especially driving at night and feeling safe again out on the road. I cannot thank you enough for all of your care and amazing skills. Skills in dealing with patients from the pre-op to the post-op and everything in between. It was truly a delightful experience.

Steve E.

Dr. Kim has easily been the best doctor I’ve had in my life. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to making sure that I have all of the information I need and that I’m comfortable with each decision that is made regarding my Uveitis. She makes you feel like you are a part of her own family. Thank you for everything Dr. Kim!


Dr. Kim is very personable. From a doctor-patient perspective, her bedside manner is excellent. She is knowledgeable, which is expected, but she made me feel very comfortable being in her care.


My husband and I appreciate her patience and the efforts she went through with my husband’s cataract surgery. She is very thorough and addressed all of our concerns. Her manner, personality, and friendliness is special. I would highly recommend her.


Dr. Kim has wonderful patient interaction skills. She is knowledgeable and friendly. My experience was a memorable one. She made the process very personal. I recommended her to my friends. I am very happy with my results and am thankful she was my surgeon.


Dr. Kim and all the staff are so nice and caring. She called me before the surgery to make sure I felt comfortable and she answered all my questions. She followed up with me last night to make sure I was doing okay. I had a great experience.

Miles B (From Google Reviews)

Miles B.

”I had a cataract so severe that I was nearly blind in that eye. I checked out several places and was immediately impressed with the folks at ICON. They were very welcoming and pleasant, explained my options and helped me choose the best lens for my needs. After wearing glasses or contacts most of my life, I am now 20/20 uncorrected in that eye. What an amazing transformation! Dr. Goldhair, the surgeon, did a fantastic job. And special thanks to the wonderful Stacee, who helped me all the way from the beginning to the follow-up. I will surely come back to ICON when it’s time to do my other eye.”

Noel O (From Google Reviews)

“Cataract surgery with the “Symfony” multi-focal lens lets me see near, far and in between WITHOUT GLASSES! The surgeon, doctors and entire staff are top notch. The surgery itself is painless and completed in a matter of minutes. I can never remember my sight being better. It is life changing. The entire experience with ICON was pleasant and professional.”

Jeff M (From Google Reviews)

“After a very poor experience with a different doctor / facility I was very reluctant to follow through with cataract surgery, but eventually really had no choice. On the recommendation of a friend I finally made it in to see Dr. Goldhair. Wow. In 55 years I don’t recall a better experience in a medical environment of any kind, and that extends to the entire staff. As a cash customer I kept expecting the inevitable miscellaneous add on charges to crop up. Never happened. I almost felt guilty leaving after my final follow up check-up without opening my wallet. Friendly, professional, courteous, on time and on budget…and the world looks wonderful through the new eyes! Thank you.”

Jenni R (From Google Reviews)

“I had clear lens extraction and replacement done with Dr. Fox at ICON about 6 mos. ago. It’s basically the same as cataract surgery, and though I did have some cataracts, I had the surgery because I could no longer comfortably wear my very high powered (nearsighted) contact lenses due to allergies and dry eye. From beginning to end, the ICON team was encouraging, honest about what was possible, and what the risks might be, and Diane in scheduling was great in helping me get set up for surgical times, and with insurance filing. I felt very well taken care of from beginning to end, and can’t tell you how happy I am with my outcome. Imagine 50 years of not being able to see anything without my contacts or Coke bottle glasses, and then being able to see anything the moment I open my eyes!! I’m still finding things daily that are completely different, easier, and beautiful. I do want to remind future patients that this is a large practice, with lots of professionals – and other patients – always present. Things move quickly, so if you have any type of issue with hearing, or understanding things, or distractions, please consider taking someone with you in case you can’t remember instructions, etc. later. That being said, though, they are great at giving you handouts for all surgical instructions, and you will be well taken care of at all times.”

Karen M (From Google Reviews)

“We’re lucky to have ICON to take care of our eyes. I thought I was seeing color as it is. I was unaware how my cataracts were making everything two/three shades darker. Morning had the color of late afternoon. For me I want to see the top of the ridge line – the white tail on the bird flying overhead. Your eyes – nothing to fool around with. From day one I was taken care of physically and emotionally. Assured and educated every step of the way. I was not a number – and that says a lot these day. Thanks to “everyone” at ICON. In my book you are number 1.”